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{Congratulations to all Mom To Be}
Congratulations & Celebrations
Bundle of Joy!

{Welcome to Jenny's Balloon Homepage!}

{Baby Arrival soon after couple of miles flying }

{Welcome Baby to the new world}

{Welcome Baby to the new world}

{Baby Dust to you!}
{I can't work for your party because I'm pregnant}
{Pregnant with a baby girl}
{Welcome Baby Girl to the new world}
I'm taking 1 year off for maternity leave.
Business will be back by Spring of 2007.

Lilypie 1st Birthday PicLilypie 1st Birthday Ticker
{All babies are cute}

{Hello there!}

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{Merry Christmas from Alysa}


{Merry Christmas 2006}


{Happy New Year 2007}

New Year

{Happy Valentine Day}


{Happy Luna New Year}


{Happy Easter from Alysa}


{Belated Baby Shower}

Baby Party

{Little Princess Alysa}

Mother's Day

{Fairy Tale Dream come true}


{Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Model}


{Happy Father Day 2007}

Father Day

{Pirates of the Carribean}


{Be all you can be in the army}


{Swan Lake Ballerina}


{July 2007}


{Little Princess Alysa}

{Mommy to my princess Alysa}
{Welcome a baby girl to the new world}

{My princess Alysa}
{My Duyen mean Beautiful, pretty}

{A little princess will be born soon}

{Alysa mean princess}
{Click here for Name Meaning}
Name Meaning

{Click here for Alysa 1 yr old}
Alysa First Birthday

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